How to LUV: Care Tips

You must care and luv your clothes just as much as yourself.
The following list are pointers to help your pieces last.

  • Do NOT wash your denim frequently!

    By doing this you are gradually shrinking and ruining the material. Leave it to air out after every wear, try to rewear before washing (if you can!) Wash after 2-3 wears!

  • Be mindful of any acrylic paint and appliqués.

    Acrylic paint is safe on skin, clothing fabrics, and is durable to endure a washing and drying machine. HOWEVER, continuous washing & drying will ruin the design overtime and cause any appliqués (rhinestones, chains, patches, etc.) to detach or decay.

  • LUV's Suggestion

    1. HAND WASH

    2. Washer Settings"GENTLE CYCLE"

    3. Dryer Settings: lowest heat temperature.